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Legal Overview

The IDC model is structured so that physicians lease the space, equipment and clinical employees necessary to perform specific diagnostic services. Thus, these elements become part of the physician's office practice - allowing the physician to provide these services in accordance with all Federal and state regulatory guidelines.

With respect to the clinical personnel, physician lessees have rights and responsibilities regarding the personnel who will work with them to provide services, and direct these employees' work during their scheduled lease period. This includes establishing a committee of members of the leasing practices to enforce pre-established personnel policies and procedures with respect to hiring, firing, and grievances. Further, IDC's business specifically does not encompass activities that are subject to regulation.

Integrated Diagnostic Centers is NOT a provider or biller of services. IDC does not have a provider number; all services are performed and billed by the physicians leasing the facility and equipment, and billed through the physicians' provider numbers.

Leasing physicians may consider providing designated health services (MRI, CT, Ultrasound) only to non-government patients during their lease term, to avoid Stark and Anti-Kickback compliance issues altogether.

We have specifically retained counsel that specializes in health law, to ensure that IDC's business model and contracts comply with all applicable laws. Contact IDC to request a copy of our full written legal opinion from Martyn Liles PLLC, or a list of legal references.