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The IDC Advantage

Integrated Diagnostic Centers (IDC) offers physician practices a unique opportunity: increasing their access to sophisticated diagnostic services and related revenues, while improving their clinical control of those services. Working with IDC, the practice can provide continuous, more convenient care to its patients while generating significant new revenues - all without the additional workload, financial burdens, loss of autonomy or unstable structures of other healthcare business opportunities.

Physicians gain new control over how diagnostic services are provided to patients - more convenient scheduling, improved input on test protocols, quicker return and review of test results.

Patients gain the added reassurance from having these services provided by the physician they know and trust (in "my doctor's facility"), scheduled quickly and performed with care - all without having to brave the impersonal environment of the hospital or larger imaging centers.

Practices capture new, previously unavailable revenues from diagnostic imaging and other services - without changes to their ordering patterns, increased administrative demands on the office, or upfront capital investments.